POS need a facelift? Throw the wires out the door and go Cellular!

Why use the USR3500 Courier GSM Cellular Modem for POS solutions?

Point of Sale Scanner

  • 3G is plenty – Most POS data transfer is minimal and 3G speeds are more than enough. Data packages vary but ROI is typically within months, not years when compared to monthly analog phone line costs.
  • Save programming time – The USR3500 has a vast library of functions embedded and ready to use. See how easy it is to set up a POS Cellular connection with the USR3500: Serial or Ethernet
  • Backup connectivity – Continue processing transactions during outages of the primary LAN connection
  • Cellular Sales & Engineering – Full project developer assistance available from USR.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Service compatibility – When upgrading an analog system, check your software to see if it can send IP data, instead of dialing a phone number. This is imperative! Call your POS processing provider to verify compatibility.
  • Cellular coverage – make sure the cellular provider has sufficient coverage for your location.
  • Data Usage – moving to cellular typically can provide cost savings, BUT if you have the wrong data plan or have high data transfer a pay per bit may be more expensive. Be aware and monitor traffic.

Example Application:

Gas Station Point of Sale Stations

Retail locations with the need for Point of Sale tend to utilize broadband or wifi – it is usually easily accessible and cost effective. Unsurprisingly broadband outages are not planned for and downtime can seriously damage sales in what is an almost cashless society. Some businesses haven’t taken the time to determine an emergency POS solution, but smart business owners should. In the case of a gas station with 10 outside pumps and 2 inside registers a single cellular modem could provide backup for transactions done manually at the counter. If outages are typical, all 10 pumps could be outfitted with a cellular modem and with small data plans that are then pooled across of modems the monthly fees would be minimal.

Machine to Machine applications

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