Vending in the 21st Century!

Why use the USR3500 Courier GSM Cellular Modem for vending?

Vending Machine

  • 3G is plenty – Most vending related data communications are quite small so 3G speeds are more than enough. Data packages vary but ROI is typically within months, not years when compared to monthly analog phone line costs.
  • Sensor integration – Monitor inventory, temperature, mechanical, or even tampering.
  • Save programming time – The USR3500 has a vast library of functions embedded and ready to use. See how easy it is to set up a mobile originated Cellular connection with the USR3500: Serial or Ethernet
  • Fast and reliable mobile terminated connections – query machines for real time data or easily update pricing, particularly useful during high traffic events.
  • Cellular Sales & Engineering – Full project developer assistance available from USR.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Service compatibility – When upgrading an analog system, check your software to see if it can send IP data, instead of dialing a phone number. This is imperative! Call your POS processing provider to verify compatibility.
  • Cellular coverage – make sure the cellular provider has sufficient coverage for your location.
  • Power availability – verify that there is an additional power source to power the modem in addition to the unit itself.
  • Data Usage – moving to cellular typically can provide cost savings, BUT if you have the wrong data plan or have high data transfer a pay per bit may be more expensive. Be aware and monitor traffic.

Example Application:

Snacks need supervision

Beverage and snack vending machines require regular supervision and periodic restocking. Inventory can be tracked from a centralized location by using cellular modem remote access. Truck routes can be established with real-time inventory reports to minimize unnecessary stops and can be used to reduce time at each site by allowing the administrator to reduce the quantity brought on location (only bring what you need). Reports can be configured to provide notifications for the need to restock. Sensors can be used to detect faulty machines for temperature, maintenance issues, or even tampering. Some machines can even be configured to control the pricing of the items during high demand events. Additionally for new machines credit cards transactions can be accepted even when positioned on a street or other external locations like a rest stop.

Vending with Cellular Modems

Modernize and save time and money!

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