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White Paper: Understanding Cellular Gateway Automatic Provisioning

Using the USR Universe Provisioning Server


Installing cellular gateways can get complicated, particularly for applications where the gateways run custom software or get over-the-air software updates. USR wants to help make things as simple as possible by showing you how to choose the best provisioning method for your deployment.

The automatic provisioning white paper describes the multiple provisioning methods that are available for USR cellular gateways, and in particular how Automatic Provisioning  works and the important considerations about its use to reduce excessive data charges and to prevent unintended removal of custom images.

Download the white paper now to learn all about automatic provisioning and see what provisioning method will be best for your application:

  • Learn four methods of provisioning the USR cellular gateway for your application
  • Learn how automatic provisioning can download images from the USR Universe server
  • Learn how to prevent excessive cellular data charges
  • Learn how to preserve a custom software image