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White Paper: Cellular to Cellular Data Communications

Understanding Cellular Networks and How to Create Peer-to-Peer Connections

For over 3 decades USR has been the world's modem experts. We know there are legacy systems out there that continue to rely on dial-up connections. We also know that it isn't a simple process to convert these to cellular due to the network differences. What we do know is how to get analog and cellular to work together to allow peer-to-peer cellular connections —and we'd like to share that with you.

The new USR white paper explains the different networks, why peer-to-peer cellular connections are so complicated, and finally the simplest and easiest method for a peer-to-peer cellular solution ideal for legacy systems.

Download now to see benefits of wireless P2P connectivity:

  • Drop-in analog to cellular replacements for SCADA, POS, Remote Management
  • Retain all current software, no need for system redesigns or overhauls — a major cost savings for a system upgrade
  • A system that allows both analog and cellular connections invisible to the software or user, no change to the operating procedure