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18/12/2002 U.S. Robotics Enhances Its Position In The Saudi Market
5/12/2002 U.S. Robotics Announces Commitment To 802.11g Standard Technology
3/12/2002 U.S. Robotics’ 8 Port Switch Is Breakthrough in Easy Networking
13/11/2002 U.S. Robotics Joins Wi-Fi Alliance: Its Wireless Networking Equipment Now Wi-Fi Certified
10/11/2002 U.S. Robotics And Al-Rostamani Tie Up In Value Add Partnership
15/10/2002 Etisalat Approves U.S. Robotics’ ADSL USB Modem
12/10/2002 U.S. Robotics Announces 102% Growth In The Region
26/9/2002 U.S. Robotics Charges Into Wireless Fray At Gitex And Shopper
3/9/2002 Etisalat Approves U.S. Robotics New ‘Easy to Install’ High speed Faxmodem
28/8/2002 U.S. Robotics Announces ADSL Partnership with SmoothWall
15/8/2002 U.S. Robotics’ New 5 Port Switch Makes Networking Easy And Affordable For Small Companies and Homes
9/6/2002 U.S. Robotics In New Jordanian Partnership
4/6/2002 U.S. Robotics’ Next Generation ADSL Modems Deliver Versatile, Easy-To-Install Broadband Access For The Home Or Small Office
19/5/2002 U.S. Robotics Brings 22 Mbps High-speed Wireless Networking to the Middle East
7/5/2002 Leading Access Vendors Join to Expand Lebanese Internet Market
28/4/2002 Etisalat Approves U.S. Robotics’ ISDN Solution
16/4/2002 U.S. Robotics Unveils a Complete Line of Networking Devices Designed for the Home, Small Office and Small- to Medium Sized Business
16/4/2002 U.S. Robotics Introduces a full suite of 22 Mbps, High-speed Wireless Networking Products with Full 802.11b Compatibility
19/3/2002 U.S. Robotics Brings Next Generation ADSL
1/2/2002 U.S. Robotics Takes Aim At SMBs’ With New Networking Card
1/2/2002 U.S. Robotics And Almasa Announce Region’s Largest OEM Distribution Agreement
8/1/2002 U.S. Robotics and Analog Devices to Develop Next-Generation ADSL Modems