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What to do if I think my unit is broken ?

In the unlikely event that your USRobotics product develops a fault, please read through the following frequently asked questions and answers.

It seems that my product has developed a fault, how do I get it repaired or exchanged ?
  • The very first thing to do is check on this page that you are using the latest firmware updates and drivers available.
  • The second thing to do is to contact our technical support centre on 0870 844 4546 from the UK or send an email to our support line to diagnose the problem. In more than 90% of cases we are able to resolve customers difficulties via our web pages or telephone support teams without the need to send the product to us.
  • However, if a fault in your product is confirmed, you will be issued with a Return Material Authorisation number (RMA) and an address to send your product to. You will then have to write the RMA number outside of the parcel, include your contact details in box and send it to the address given to you by the call centre.
  • Please do not send your product back without calling technical support first and getting an RMA number.
Do I send my 'faulty' product back to the usual location ?
  • No. Earlier this year, US Robotics went through a major re-structuring and a number of our functions/facilities have changed location.
  • You need to call technical support to be given the current address being used.
How do I find out where to send it ?
  • Please contact our technical support organization, they will provide you with an authorisation to return your product and provide the correct location to send it.
Does it need to be sent in any special way ?
  • U.S.Robotics recommends that you send the product by way of an insured delivery, as we can take no responsibility for products not receipted by us.
How should I package the unit ?
  • U.S.Robotics asks that you package your product securely to minimise the possibility of damage in transit. Please write your name and return address, as well as the authorisation number you are given, clearly both inside the package and on the outer packaging.
What happens when I send my product back ?
  • On arrival at our receiving location, (Drop Zone), your product is electronically scanned into our logistics software, this identifies your product, your name and address details are also entered in order to ship your replacement product as soon as possible.
Will I get my own unit back ?
  • No. We operate a replacement process, this of course is quicker than waiting to repair each individual customers product on receipt before shipping.
Will the replacement be as good as my product ?
  • At the very least, we will always replace with at least similar or with a product with a better specification. We will also include a short note in the packaging explaining this process.
How long should I wait expecting a replacement ?
  • We can only start the process of replacing your product once we have received it. We attempt to return products to customers within 5 - 10 working days, (stock levels permitting).
Should I send my power supply and cables etc. ?
  • No, please only send the modem or networking device. As power supplies, cables, software etc will not be returned and replacements will need to be purchased.
But what if it is these items that are faulty ?
  • If the technical support line diagnoses the need for warranty replacement of these items, they will of course provide the correct procedure for free of charge warranty replacements.
If I have lost or damaged my cables, power supply, etc. can I purchase replacements?
  • The support line will be able to process orders for you and to advise you as to the replacement costs at the time of ordering.
How long is the warranty on my product and what am I entitled to?
  • U.S.Robotics, would refer you to the warranty statement provided with your product, as these may vary from product to product and region to region.
Does the warranty cover events like accidental damage or the effects of extreme weather, for instance lightning strikes ?
  • No, the warranty covers failure of the product in normal usuage. In the event of accidental damage, lightning strikes etc., U.S.Robotics can provide you with information that you may need to provide to your insurance providers.

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