USR1120 11 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter



Garantie: 2 ans

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    Manuels et d'autres documents

    Pilotes et Firmware

    Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
    Note:  You must run the utilitaire driver before physically installing your USR1120 11 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter.

    Version initiale. Le contenu de ce fichier s'extrait automatiquement dans un dossier.

    Click to download this file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive. Double-click this file in Windows Explorer et follow the prompts to install the USR1120 11 Mbps Configuration Utilitaire. Once you have completed the software/driver installation, reboot et plug in your USB Adapter.

    1120_Driver_Utility_0612.exe 1.98 MB 08-07-02

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