USR809630 Cordless Skype Dual Phone

(USR809630, USR9630, 64-809630-00R-BS, 9630, 9630C)

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    Installation files

    Installation files for Windows Vista 32bit/64 bit, XP, et 2000 Version 1.6.1
    Note: Before running this installation file, you must connect the base to the computer.

    This installation file supports PC Initiated Calls. Now you can initiate calls from your PC - enabling you to place calls without requiring your phone, join Skypecasts, or use your phone with 3rd party applications.

    1. Download the file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive.
    2. To install, double-click 9630-setup-161.exe in Windows Explorer and follow the prompts.
    9630-setup-161.exe4.7 MB09-02-07


    Skype Software Certified

    Installation files Archive

    Installation files Version 1.4.1
    9630-setup-141-fr.exe2.9 MB25-10-06
    Installation files Version 1.3.0
    9630-setup-130-fr.exe2.9 MB29-08-06

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