USR805461 802.11g Wireless MAXg Router


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  • Clone the Mac Address
  • Configure as a bridge between a wired and wireless network
  • How do I disable wireless security?
  • Macintosh OS X USB Printer Installation
  • Linux USB Printer Installation
  • Windows XP/2000 USB Printer Installation
  • Windows 98SE/Me USB Printer Installation
  • WDS Restrictions
  • Configure Windows' Utility to connect using 802.11x (RADIUS server)
  • Wireless range performance
  • Wireless LANs – Are They Safe?
  • Wireless MAXg Router Esercitazioni
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    Aggiornamenti firmware

    BETA Firmware Versione

    This firmware fixes the following issues:
    • Printing issues with CUPS version 1.2.
    USR5461a-v4. 1.8 MB 05-06-08

    Firmware Versione

    This firmware fixes the following issues:
    • DST (Daylight Saving time) Firewall issue with how IAC (Internet Access Control) works.
    • PPPoE server disconnect/reconnect
    • PPPoE inactivity timer
    • PPTP client disconnect/reconnect
    • backup/restore settings

    Note:: If upgrading from Versione, follow these instructions before proceeding.

    1. With a thin tool, such as a paper clip, briefly press the RESET button on the back of the router.
    2. Wait about 30 seconds.

    Important: To ensure a successful upgrade, please perform the firmware upgrade from a client that is physically wired to the router. A wireless client may become disassociated from the router during the upgrade process resulting in an incomplete upgrade.

    1. Download this file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive.
    2. To upgrade your USRobotics Wireless MAXg Router with all operating systems, open an Internet browser and enter the router's IP address. The default IP address of the router is
    3. Enter your User name and Password. Click OK.
    4. Click Device in the main menu.
    5. Under the "Upgrade Router" section, enter the location of the USR5461-v3. file in the text box, or click the Browse button to search for the file. Then click the Upgrade button to begin the upgrade process.
    6. When the upgrade process is complete, the router will reboot. To re-establish a connection with your router, wait approximately 15 seconds and click Continue.
    USR5461-v3. 1.8 MB 25-10-06
    GPL Source Code
    The GPL Source Code contained in this product is available as a free download from the GPL Code Central
    Firmware Versione
    This firmware improves MAXg wireless multicast performance and addresses printing on Mac OS X 10.3.x (and later) and Linux platforms. WDS mode now supports MAXg mode.
    USR5461A-v3. 1.8 MB 20-01-06
    Firmware Versione
    5461_3. 1.8 MB 21-11-05

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