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ControlCenter keeps your USRobotics modem up-to-date with the latest drivers and software upgrades — automatically! You won't have to do a thing. Download ControlCenter now to ensure optimum performance from your USRobotics modem. Some of the benefits and features include the following:

  • One codebase supports all products
  • Flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) supports multiple-brand products
  • Modular interface supports different modem feature sets
  • Optional degree of complexity to support beginners and advanced users
  • Configuration manager, instant update, diagnostics and terminal tools
  • Product profiles
  • Windows and Macintosh support
  • Multiple language usage — translated into 10 languages
  • Free AVEO Attune® Service

What is AVEO Attune®?
AVEO Attune is the first service of its kind, a free service that gives you handy tips and information about your new product — it can even help solve problems before they affect your computer!

Attune runs on your PC as a background application and sends you Intelligrams™ once you are connected to the Internet. Intelligrams™ are messages that provide proactive customer support by linking you with PC manufacturers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and many other cutting-edge technology companies. Use these timely updates to keep your computer running at optimum performance.

Using Attune, you can:

  • Receive automatic alerts to problems before they affect your computer
  • Receive transparent transmission of Intelligrams™ to your PC
  • Get automatic updates when you connect to the Internet
  • Filter Intelligrams™ so you receive only those relevant to your needs
  • Customise the service to your needs and how you use your computer

We highly recommend that you instal and use this unique and helpful service. Go to the ControlCenter download page.

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