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Internet Call Notification*

Take incoming voice telephone calls while online without dropping your Internet connection.

Internet Call Notification (ICN) allows you to use the V.92 Modem on Hold voice telephone call enhancements:

  • Incoming call notification
  • Accept/suspend/drop incoming calls
  • And many more!

Downloading and Installing ICN

  1. Download the ICN installation file to a temporary location on your hard disc drive.
  2. In Windows Explorer, double-click the ICN icon. The installation will start. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Download now

Internet Call Notification (5.4 MB) HTTP | FTP

*Call Waiting service from your telephone company is required for using Internet Call Notification. Caller ID service from your telephone company is required for using the Caller ID feature of Internet Call Notification.

Other Countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • Italia
  • Deutschland
  • España
  • France

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